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At Sedgefield House we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs and putting them first. Financial security, especially as one reaches retirement age, is at the top of everyone’s mind and steps taken to mitigate this stress in advance will always yield dividends.


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Third Party QROPS

This pension scheme allows expats and returning South Africans who have pension rights in the UK can transfer their retirement savings to a ‘third party’ financial centre, such as Malta. These financial centres follow the rules and regulations of the European Union, are stable and offer the investment incentives and benefits and tax opportunities.


Similarly, Gibraltar and the Isle Of Man are other third party countries that are English speaking and have legal and tax systems that morror the British system.


Third party QROPS investors are not required to live in the same place where their pension is based – with a UK pension transfer they can move between countries and can rest assured that their pensions are secure and the schemes are protected by law.


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